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Step 1

End to End solution

Our service is a fully integrated platform solution.

No need for external partners that make your launch expensive and time consuming.

Step 2

Reliability & scalability

In partnership with MT Aerospace & OHB SE we offer a proven launch process, that gives you great flexibility and a reliable partner to get your payload into orbit.

Step 3

Determined orbit

How nice would it be if you could choose your own orbit instead of having to piggyback on someone else's?

Launch with us, and you are our main priority and nobody else.

Our Goal

By offering low cost and flexible transportation to space, we will democratise access to our future

Reusable, low-cost and eco-friendly Micro Launcher
- Low-cost Kick-Stage design
- Simple gas-generator engine
- Inexpensive Second Stage Tank
End to End satellite launch service
- Hassle-free launch service
- Full launch support from beginning to end
Launch Service
RFA - A strong company with a strong family background
- Part of OHB & MT Aerospace
- Team of industry veterans
- Highly customer-centric
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Step 1

Live video stream

Monitoring nature has become more important than ever.

We need to react quickly to changes in our environment, and monitor even the most remote places on earth. What better way than from space.

Step 2

Space debris removal

Access to space is in danger due to an ever increasing amount of space debris.

We believe in leaving the universe a better place than we found it.

Cleaning space is the least we can do, for continuous unrestricted access to space.

Step 3

Equal access to space

Imagine a world where every country on earth has the same access to space.

The results are hard to imagine. Yet we know that such a state of affairs would greatly advance the human race.

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Quick Facts

200 kg
500 kg payload
500 kg payload
700 km
500 kg payload
2 weeks
Launch campaign
adapted to you
500 kg payload